HealthBucks Program: Get Paid to Lose or for Already Having a Healthy Weight

Y Weight is an ongoing weight management campaign that incentivizes members to engage in long term healthy behaviors that reduce risk factors related to excess weight. This program is for those who already have a healthy weight, and for those who need to lose weight.

2018 is the last year for Yweight. A brand new program is coming in 2019!
YourChoice Health Plan’s purpose is to educate, equip, motivate and support employees and their families to promote personal wellbeing. When we looked at the outcomes of Yweight, it became clear that some of the objectives of the program were no longer being met and we needed to create a program that would be accessible to more members. We know that Body Mass Index (BMI) is only one indicator of health, so we are creating a program that will align with a broader understanding of health and wellbeing. The new program will be simpler and better aligned with overall health; AND we believe more members will achieve success and subsequently be eligible for a Health Bucks reward. Stay tuned for announcements later this year about the details of the new program!

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What is Yweight?

HealthBucks Program: Get Paid to Lose or for Already Having a Healthy...

Body Fat Analysis

If you are at your healthiest weight and have fitness level body fat but...

Yweight Reward Levels

Each Yweight Member moves through the program at their own pace, earning...

Yweight Eligibility

Full-Time Employees and Adult Members of the YourChoice Health Plan age...

Annual Yweight Enrollment

Yweight Enrollment occurs May - July  

Yweight Supporting Programs/Services

The Manatee YourChoice Health Plan offers a variety of programs to...

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