Health Bucks

HealthBucks are Incentive Rewards paid to Active Employees and adult Health Plan Members for participation in YourChoice Wellness Programs. HealthBucks earned during the year are applied the following year as a credit on the employee's paychecks. HealthBucks are prorated monthly as long as the employee is participating in the YourChoice Health Plan and employed by Manatee County Government.

HealthBucks Programs

Health Bucks

Health Bucks are Incentive Rewards paid to Active Employees and adult...

What is Yweight?

HealthBucks Program: Get Paid to Lose or for Already Having a Healthy...

Learn About the Prevent Diabetes Program

Put the brakes on diabetes and earn Health Bucks!

Diabetes Incentive Program: Mission Control

Mission Control is a voluntary incentive program for Health Plan Members...

Exercise Management Program

The Exercise Management Program is a self-monitored exercise program...

Healthy Pregnancy Program

Rewarding a Lifestyle Commitment that promotes a Healthy Pregnancy and...

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