What is Yweight?

What is Yweight?

HealthBucks Program: Get Paid to Lose or for Already Having a Healthy Weight

Yweight is an ongoing weight management campaign to incentivize members to engage in long term healthy behaviors that reduce risk factors related to excess weight. This program is for both individuals who already have a healthy weight, and for those who need to lose weight. It is a self-directed program; however, the Manatee YourChoice Health Plan provides multiple resources and programs for members to help them reach their goals. Refer to the Yweight Program Guidelines for details.

Annual Yweight Enrollment

Yweight is a membership program that requires an initial AND final weight each program year. Yweight enrollment is held annually during the months of May, June and July, during which time your weight, body mass index BMI and rewards/goals are determined. 

  • Program Enrollment Weigh-in/Weigh-out Sessions
    Enrollment sessions are available by appointment only at the YourChoice Fitness Center and Employee Health Benefits Office, May through July. In addition, multiple work site locations, times and days of the week are available by appointment or walk-in during July. Click here to make an appointment.
  • Stay Enrolled – Get a FRESH START!
    Whether you meet your goal or not, you must attend a Yweight Weight-Out/In Session each year in order to remain enrolled in the program. During this session NEW Goals are determined for next year. Even if you gain weight you will Get a “Fresh Start” and still be eligible for a reward next year. If you do not attend a weigh-out session during annual Yweight enrollment you are not eligible for the Yweight reward and will have to wait until the following year to enroll in the program as a new participant.

Reward Levels

Each Yweight Member moves through the program at their own pace, earning one reward per qualifying year: Gold, Silver, Bronze or Maintenance. If weight is gained, the member stays enrolled and gets a FRESH START the following qualifying year.

5% or more weight loss or BMI <25 or Healthy Body Fat %
*Each Gold Level must be completed before earning the next Gold Level, one reward per qualifying year.
  • Level 1 $400
  • Level 2 $500
  • Level 3 $600
  • Level 4 $700
  • Level 5 $800
  • Level 6 $800
  • Level 7 $800
Silver Reward ($285) = 2-4% weight loss
Bronze Reward ($200) = Maintained an accumulated 10% weight loss
Maintenance Reward ($100) = Maintained final weight since last year

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