Healthy Wage Team Weight Loss Challenge

Healthy Wage Team Weight Loss Challenge
A fun, team weight loss challenge where you can lose weight, become healthier, and win cash prizes. Compete against teams from across the Country to win HUGE cash prizes!
Begins: February 23, 2018
Ends: May 18, 2018
Kick off the New Year with a NEW YOU and join the HealthyWage Team Weight Loss Challenge
  • What is the HealthyWage Team Weight Loss Challenge? A 12-week weight loss challenge in which teams of 5 engage in a friendly competition to lose weight and win cash prizes of over $18,000! The top team in the challenge wins $10,000; 2nd place wins $5,000; 3rd place wins $3,000.
  • How much does it cost? The registration fee is only $23.33/month per person, (or $70). Even better - registration fees are fully refunded for a sustained 10% weight loss after 9 months from the start of the challenge. You’ve got nothing to lose, except unwanted pounds!
  • Who can participate? All Manatee County employees, plus friends and family members can also join!
  • Does it really work? Yes! In 2016 alone, participants in HealthyWage wellness challenges lost more than 475,000 lbs. and have won well over a million dollars in cash prizes. Become part of 2018’s success story and register today!
  • How do people sign up? Register by February 23, 2018 on our customized site:

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If you have any questions, get in touch with HealthyWage directly. You can email or call (888) 636-3832.

  • Complete this challenge to stay on track with your Yweight goal! But, this is NOT your weigh in/out for the Yweight program.
  • This is NOT a HealthBucks program.
  • NOTE: This challenge is sponsored and managed by Healthy Wage, and is in no way affiliated with Manatee YourChoice Health Plan or Manatee County Government.

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