ICU Campaign

ICU Campaign

Mental distress is common:

25% of all adults in the United States will experience a depressive disorder;
28% of all adults in the United States will experience an anxiety disorder each year.

It can result in poor sleep quality and quantity, reduce our ability to concentrate, slow our thought processes, trigger physical aches and pains, make us irritable and tearful and may prompt us to seek relief through self-medication with alcohol and drugs.

Even so, people don’t seek help:

  • Afraid it will adversely affect their employment
  • Don’t want to admit that they’re unwell
  • Embarrassed due to the stigma of emotional distress and mental illness
  • Feel alone

And people don’t speak up when they see another in distress:

  • Fear of invading another’s privacy
  • Perception that it’s not OK or not professional to talk about it
  • Uncomfortable and unsure of how to help

We CAN help others in emotional distress! Watch the video to learn how now.

For free, completely confidential SCREENINGS, Tips & Tools:

Depression & Anxiety

Alcohol Misuse & Abuse; Drug Abuse

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For immediate help if you’re thinking of harming yourself:
CALL 911 or National Suicide Prevention line 1(800)273-8255
For personal, confidential information and referral:
CALL LAMP 941-741-2995
To schedule a mental health program at your worksite:
CALL Randi at 941-741-6469

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