Holiday Challenge: Maintain Your Weight

Holiday Challenge: Maintain Your Weight

Challenge yourself to Maintain Your Weight this holiday season!

This program is offered each year and is a supporting program of Yweight designed to incentivize staying active and NOT gaining weight over the holidays (Halloween - New Years Day). This campaign requires that you weigh in before Halloween and then weigh back in after January 1st. If you gain no more than 2 pounds, or you lose weight, you receive a prize.

Step 1: Register for the challenge under the Program Registration tab on this website.
Step 2: Weigh in the week of October 23rd.
  • Contact your Wellness Champion to be weighed in
  • OR weigh in at the Fitness Cetner:

Step 3: Enjoy the holidays... in moderation.
Step 4: Weigh out the week of January 8th.
  • Contact your Wellness Champion to be weighed out
  • OR weigh out at the Fitness Center:
    Mon, Jan 8: 9a - 12:30p & 2p - 5:30p
    Tues, Jan 9: 7:30a - 12:30p & 3p - 5p
    Wed, Jan 10: 9a - 11a & 1:30p - 6p
    Thurs, Jan 11: 7:30a - 9a & 12p - 2p & 4p - 5:30p
    Fri, Jan 12: 7a - 12p
*Note: This is NOT your weigh-in/out for the Yweight Program. This challenge is an additional program to help you stay motivated throughout the holiday season.

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