Man UP and Power UP

Man UP and Power UP
Manatee YourChoice has partnered with Man UP and Power Up to offer web-based coaching at a discounted rate. With this program, you:
  • Get your own dedicated coach to hold you accountable to the goals you set
  • Follow an evidence-based mindset, activity, and nutrition playbook that fits your lifestyle
  • Lose 15-40 pounds in 16-weeks, and keep it off for good
  • Choose one-on-one ($99/mo), self-guided ($50 one-time payment), or PowerUp members can choose a group option ($40/mo).
  • Save 20% with code manatee2017 - use Wellness Reimbursement to help pay for the cost of this program (up to $250 per calendar year)
  • Earn FitNuts Points! Earn 20 Fitness and 20 Nutrition points for completing the 4-month program.

Man Up - Tailored for Men
A 16-week program that combines 1:1 coaching, metabolic conditioning, and mindset building activities, so you can sustainably burn fat and gain energy.
  • Personal Coach
    Get matched with a coach based on your preferences. Meet with them over video or phone, check-in weekly, and ask them questions anytime- all from your phone, tablet or computer, on your schedule.
  • Positive Mindset
    Complete missions that build a mindset for success that translates into all aspects of your life- e.g., career, stress. This approach is based on what’s worked for 10,000 individuals who lost ~70 pounds and kept it off.
  • Physical Activity
    Build an activity routine that works for you. You’ll start slow – if you aren’t yet active – doing activities that you choose six days a week. With the help of your coach, you’ll build a routine that helps protect and build muscle.
  • Proper Nutrition
    Fuel your body with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, while still enjoying your favorite foods. There are no pills, supplements or calorie-counting. Just a proven approach to fat burning, without ever starving yourself.
Use Coupon Code: manatee2017
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 Power Up - Tailored for Women
In 16 weeks, change healthy from a task into a lifestyle with:
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
    Enjoy a nutrition plan designed to burn fat and give you more energy. Enjoy real, energy-rich foods (and your favorite indulgences!) that help ensure you’ll stick with it for the long-term!
  • Mindset Exercises
    Reflective activities help you feel empowered and inspired. Gradually these activities will help create a mental shift that makes your new nutrition and activity habits become second nature.
  • Personalized Activity Plan
    Build an activity routine that fits with your lifestyle. No prescribed specific workouts - just get moving, then build on that success over time. And have fun while doing it!
  • Dedicated Coach
     You'll be matched with a coach - healthy living experts who are wholly concerned about your well-being! Check-in with them each week on our app, and talk with them every few weeks by video-call or phone.
Use Coupon Code: manatee2017
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