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Programs for healthy lifestyle changes

The YourChoice Health Plan provides its members with fitness, nutrition and weight loss opportunities. These programs are worksite and community based. They are offered at multiple sites throughout the county.

  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • Work Site Flu Shots
  • Wellness Reimbursement Program
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Work Site Flu Shots

ALL MCG employees, retirees, and adult YourChoice Health Plan members...

Employee Wellness Program Guidelines - For Non Health Plan Members

Employee Wellness Program Guidelines For Manatee County Government...

Healthy Pregnancy Program

Rewarding a Lifestyle Commitment that promotes a Healthy Pregnancy and...

Man UP and Power UP

Manatee YourChoice has partnered with Man UP and Power Up to offer...

Wellness Programs Overview

One document with all the Wellness Programs listed; Health Buck...

Wellness Reimbursement Program

Adult Members of the Manatee YourChoice Health Plan (including covered...

Work Time Codes/Guidelines

Work Time Codes/Guidelines for Manatee YourChoice Wellness Programs and...

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