Wellness Reimbursement Program

Wellness Reimbursement Program

Adult (age 19+) Members of the Manatee YourChoice Health Plan (including covered spouses and retirees) are eligible to receive up to $250 per calendar year for participating in qualified wellness expenses.

Qualified Wellness Expenses

  • Sport and Recreation event fees such as 5K’s, 10K’s, mudder competitions and marathons
  • Sport and Recreation lesson fees such as dance lessons, tennis or swimming lessons
  • Group Exercise and Personal Training fees not subsidized by YourChoice
  • Fitness center, health club, studio or aquatic center membership fees
  • Wearable Devices such as a FitBit or other similar devise with proof of utilization
  • Wellness-related class fees: Wellness classes or courses that provide individual and/or group guidance or instruction based on skill training and/or behavior modification. Examples include but are not limited to: healthy eating classes, cooking demos/classes, stress management classes, weight watchers, etc.

Non-Qualified Expenses

  • Programs and services covered by your health plan such as chiropractic care, prescription drugs, massage or acupuncture
  • Co-pays for Manatee YourChoice programs such as Personal Training and Group Fitness co-pays
  • Financial planning fees
  • Sport equipment, exercise apparel or athletic shoes
  • Food and supplements such as food purchased through a weight management program, protein bars, etc.

Refer to the Wellness Reimbursement Program Guidelines for a full list of Qualified and Non-Qualified Expenses.

Program Requirements

  • The annual reimbursement limit is $250 paid as a reimbursement check
  • The program follows the calendar year; January 1 – December 31, all submissions must be submitted by December 31st to be reimbursed. If the reimbursement is not used during the calendar year, it is lost. No ‘rollover’ applies.
  • The activity must be completed during the calendar year - Reimbursement is based on participation date not payment date.
  • The activity must be on the list of qualified wellness expenses.
  • There is no minimum amount required per claim submitted, however, batching claims together is recommended.
  • Only items and services that are purchased by – and used by – the benefits-eligible member are eligible for reimbursement.

Proof of Attendance

Proof of Attendance is required for wellness reimbursement --- Other Log Forms are accepted
  • A log form such as the YourChoice Wellness Reimbursement Form must be submitted in order to receive reimbursement for group exercise classes, wellness related classes, weight management programs, personal training, and sport/recreation lessons.
  • A log form is NOT needed for Fitness/Gym Memberships or Event Fees such as 5k races. However, you must submit a printed attendance report (minimum average 2x/week per month) from the gym* and actual bib number or chip time from the event to prove attendance. *Most gyms track attendance through a scanning system and therefore can provide members with an attendance report, and generally a payment report as well.

Reimbursement Process

The Wellness Reimbursement Program Form along with RECEIPTS and proof of attendance (if applicable) may be submitted by December 31st via: mail, scan/email, or in person to:
Manatee YourChoice Fitness Center - Wellness Reimbursement
1012B Manatee Ave W Bradenton FL, 34205
Phone: (941)748-4501 X3969 
Email: mpolese@manateeyourchoice.com
  • The wellness product or services purchased must be clearly stated on the receipt for the claim to be approved. All reimbursements are subject to Wellness Committee approval.
  • The submission is reviewed against Eligibility criteria, the list of approved expenses, the amount left for reimbursement and proof of attendance.
Ensure you have the most recent form - you may need to refresh or delete cache. Current form updated 12/6/18.

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