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Programs Overview

The “YourChoice” Health Plan provides its members with fitness, nutrition and weight loss opportunities that guide and encourage a healthy commitment to lifestyle change. These programs are worksite and community based. They are offered at multiple sites throughout the county.  

Worksite Wellness Programs
Various worksite wellness programs can be scheduled at the worksites. Topics vary from Stress Management to Weight Loss or other topic(s) of interest. To schedule a Worksite Wellness Program contact Natalie Johnson, Manager of Health & Lifestyle Programs.
Wellness/Fitness Advocates

For more information on the above programs contact a Wellness/Fitness Advocate at 941-748-4501

Natalie Johnson, Manager Health & Lifestyle Programs, x6464
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Kristin Johnson, YourChoice Wellness Specialist, x6280
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Emily McCarthy, YourChoice Fitness Center Assistant, x3979 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Christine Fritz, Wellness/Communications Coordinator, x3967
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Meet your Wellness Advocates

Natalie Johnson

Manager of Health and Lifestyle Programs

Natalie has worked in the Health Industry for over 28 years. She has her degrees in Wellness Promotion, Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition. She is a Certified Wellness Coach, Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor and specializes in Energy Management Techniques and Womens Weight Loss & Health. Her past experience includes being a Body by Jake Master Trainer and Performer on FitTV, working for San Diego State University and the world famous Golden Door Spa in San Diego and Rancho La Puerta in Mexico.

Natalie's duties with Manatee Your Choice include Wellness Programming, overseeing our Wellness Centers, Fitness & Weight Loss and Clinical Integration.

Kristin Johnson

Wellness Specialist

Kristin is responsible for the YourChoice Fitness Programs she is a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist and Certified as a Health & Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. Kristin is the Case Manager of our Medical Weight Loss Program and also responsible for the Group Fitness & Personal Training Programs. She is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and has experience working with special populations such as Stroke Victims, Cancer Survivors, Children & the senior population.

Emily McCarthy - Fitness Center Assistant

Emily is responsible for the day to day operations of the YourChoice Fitness Center as well as membership management, fitness center access, fitness program registration and safety & maintenance of fitness equipment. 

Christine Fritz

Wellness Programs/Communications Coordinator

Christine has a Bachelors Degree in Health Promotion/Wellness Leadership from the University of South Florida.  She is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a Health/Fitness Instructor, and has
completed all core classes for her M.A. in Human Resources Development. Christine’s past experience includes working for Federal Occupational Health as their Wellness Program Coordinator and for the U.S. Coast Guard as their Regional Health Promotions Manager.

Her primary duties at ManateeChoice are to coordinate, promote and communicate all wellness programs/services and qualifying events information to the ManateeChoice Members and employees. She designs and develops promotional flyers/brochures/booklets/forms, coordinates and schedules programs; i.e. incentive programs such as Yweight, tobacco cessation classes, worksite flu vaccines, health risk assessments, worksite lab draw stations, and etc.


Weight Loss Programs

There are various programs available that are all designed to provide guidance to members wanting to make lifestyle changes for weight loss. Contact the YourChoice Wellness Program for a list of current programs available, 941-748-4501 x6280.

YWeight  * Motivation * Registered Dietician Benefit

Exercise Programs

These programs are all designed to provide guidance to members wanting to make lifestyle changes around exercise.  For additional information regarding these programs contact  the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Exercise Management Program (Health Bucks may be earned).

  • A 12 –month self-monitored exercise program
  • Must exercise at least 2.5 hours per week at a minimum of 3 days per week for 12 consecutive months.
  • Must complete an Exercise Program Progress Report on a monthly basis.
  • Healthbucks are available to Employees and Members of the YourChoice Health Plan.
  • Exercise Management Form
  • Exercise Progress Report

Worksite Exercise Classes
  • These classes can be coordinated by your insurance coordinator through  Natalie, Manager of Health & Lifestyle Programs.
  • Classes are offered at lunchtime or after work hours, for 1-3 days per week. The class format depends on the need and fitness levels of the participant.  Minimum number of participants required.
  • Classes are 8 weeks long and are a one time $25 co-pay.
  • Worksite Walking Clinics
  • These clinics can be coordinated by your insurance coordinator through Natalie, Manager of Health & Lifestyle Programs.
  • They include information on walking shoes, proper form, ways to burn more calories and a 20-30 minute walk.
  • Each worksite is then encouraged to start their own walking group with a team leader.

Health Club Discounts
Manatee County Government employees receive discounts at several different fitness facilities in the county. For a current list select Health Club Discounts Click Here.



Registered Dietician Support

Click Here for most current provider directory

  • A Registered Dietitian can help with all types of nutrition needs such as high cholesterol or triglycerides, gout, high blood pressure, prediabetes, anemia, celiac disease, chronic kidney disease, weight gain or weight loss.
  • Lose Weight ~ Reduce Waist Size ~ Less Use of Medications ~ Improved Quality of Life
  • No referral from physician needed to see a Registered Dietician.
  • No Authoriztion/Pre-certification is required for Registered Dietician office visits.
  • Contact a Member Advocate for information/recommendations regarding Registered Dietician Support.

Registered Dietician Benefit
The plan benefit is identical for all four plan levels (Basic, Better, or Best, Ultimate)
  • No co-pay for the first 5 visits when seeing a Manatee Health Network Registered Dietician
  • ManateeChoice Health Plan will pay up to 20 visits per calendar year


Nutrition U
A variety of nutrition related topics offered at work sites
  • Free programs held at various work sites.
  • Eat Right-Weigh Less, The Mediterranean Diet, and Supermarket Tours are an example of topics that are offered.
  • Reference the Monthly Calendar and Weekly Reminders for program details.


At Home/Online Tools to Support your Weight Loss Efforts

Do 1 or all 3!  A Registered Dietician (RD) session is recommended upon completion of 1 or more of these tools.  *Completion of all 3 of these tools plus the RD consult is a Nutrition option for the Fit Nuts Program.  

Track Your Calories
How many calories do I really eat?  Are my snacks that bad?
Keep a record of how many caloires you typically consume, and learn how you might make changes.  Use a computer or smart phone.

Menu Planning
What should I do for meals or snacks?  I know what to eat, but seem to be too busy to do it.  This tool help you organize your meals and snacks easily and without much time.  Even provides amazing recipes!

Restaurant Review
I eat out a lot, how can I make the best choices?
A system that can help you eat healthier when dining out.



Presentations and Services offered through LAMP Lifestyle Assistance & Modification Program include:

  • Stress, Weight Control and Emotional Eating
  • If depressing has sapped your strength, get a depression screening.
  • Individual Change for Good Coaching - get help getting motivated!





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