Life & Disability Insurance

Summary of Coverage

The below Retiree Benefits Information Kit includes information regarding eligibility, premiums, levels of reimbursement, how to enroll, and choosing your retirement health plan. This summary of coverage is based only upon your service with Manatee County Government. If you have prior employment with another employer, such as the Federal Government, it will be necessary to review that employer’s Medical Benefit Program and the cost prior to selecting whether to participate in the Manatee County’s Medical and/or Dental Program or another program.

Steps to Retirement

Retiree Handbook

Medical & Dental Premiums 


Qualify for Health Plan

Retiree or Dependent Enrollee Under Age 65

A former Employee under Age 65 may continue the identical “YourChoice” Medical Plan they are currently enrolled in as of the last date of their employment until the Qualifying Event Period for the next Plan Year. The Qualifying Events Rules for a Retiree and/or participating Dependent are identical to an Active Employee. In order for Retiree and Retiree’s covered Dependents to maintain the “YourChoice” Better, Best or Ultimate Plan they must complete the Qualifying Events by August 31 according to the “YourChoice” Health Plan Guidelines and forward the documentation to the Manatee Service Center by September 15 for the next Plan Year.

Retiree 65 and Older

A Retiree age 65 and older eligible for Medicare must be enrolled in Medicare Part A or B to receive any benefits under the medical plan. A retiree not enrolled in Medicare Part A & B will not be eligible to receive benefits in the supplemental plan.


 Manatee County Government Plan


Medicare is the primary insurer for those Retirees and Spouses over 65, or under 65 enrolled in Medicare Disability, and the County’s Plan is secondary. These participants do not participate in “YourChoice” Health Plan’s Qualifying Events. As the secondary insurer the County’s Plan wraps around Medicare and pays benefits that are not covered by Medicare, then the County’s Plan will continue to pay those benefits according to the County’s Plan.



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