Our Staff

Aida Robbins

Benefits Administrative Specialist
941-748-4501 x6419

Alison Kerr-White

Nurse Advocate
941-748-4501 x6411

Allison Minardi

Fitness Coordinator & Personal Trainer
941-748-4501 x3667

Angela Sain

Senior Administrative Specialist
941.748.4501 x6405

Beth Palumbo

Administrative Assistant
941-748-4501 x6412

Carla Sankar

Director of Operations
941-748-4501 x6488

Christina Edenfield, RD, LD/N

Wellness Program Coordinator
941-748-4501 x6464

Christine Fritz

Wellness Manager
941-748-4501 x3967

Debbie Miskell

Nurse Advocate
748-4501 x6407

Diane Glasser

Employee Health Benefits
941-748-4501 x6403

Florey Miller, MS, RD, CDE

Registered Dietitian / Diabetes Educator
941-748-4501 x6410

Ibrahim Fadeyi, PharmD, RPh

Clinical Pharmacist/Pharmacy Advocate
941-748-4501 x6406

Janet Bodner

Senior Fiscal Analyst
941-748-4501 x6401

Julie Drackett

Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer
941.748.4501 x3966

Katherine Pettitt

Health Benefits Specialist
941-748-4501 x6404

Kim Stroud

Employee Benefits Manager
941-748-4501 x6432

Marci Nauman

Communications Coordinator
941-748-4501 x6484

Marcia Polese

Fitness Assistant
941-748-4501 x3969

Randi McDowall, LCSW

LAMP Supervisor & Care Coordinator
941-748-4501 x 6469

Shakiya Snipes, MSW, RCSWI

LAMP Counselor

Vanessa Rene, CPhT, RPhT

Pharmacy Technician
941-748-4501 x6418

Vickie Seppanen

Administrative Wellness Specialist
941-748-4501 x6497

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