Tobacco Cessation Programs


Programs Overview

The Tobacco Cessation Programs are coordinated and managed by LAMP Lifestyle Assistance & Modification Program Tobacco Advocate with additional knowledge and expertise of the Manatee YourChoice Pharmacy Advocate. As Advocates, our role is to assist, support and encourage you in your journey toward optimal health as you conceive it.

National statistics show that almost 70% of all tobacco users want to quit. Your Tobacco Program Advocates recognize the physical, emotional, and lifestyle impact tobacco cessation has on people and that discontinuing tobacco use is a process and requires specialized instruction. Our programs are designed to assist members in quitting tobacco according to their current level of change. In addition, successful completion of all programs qualify members for nicotine replacement therapies at reduced cost. Contact Julie Wilson at 941.741.2969 for information regarding the right cessation program for you or Chris Williams at 941.748.4501 x 6406 for information regarding tobacco cessation aids.

Members have 4 program options to assist them in quitting tobacco, and to Qualifying for the  BEST Plan Level:  

  • Online Tobacco & Smokeless Tobacco Courses
    Online testing module with required reading & videos for those NOT READY to quit.
  • "YourChoice" Tobacco Courses
    Classroom tobacco courses recommended for those who are READY to Quit. Smokelss Tobacco Course also available.
  • Coaching
    Personalized support with a Lifestyle Coach, recommended for those READY to Quit.
  • Telephone Quit Line
    Weekly telephonic coaching sessions for those who are READY to Quit.

Click on the links below for program information:



 Tobacco Cessation Program Options

 Tobacco Program Guidelines 

 New Enrollee Upgrade Options



Program Schedules

 New Enrollee Orientation

 Tobacco Education Course Schedule



 Upgrade to the Ultimate Plan - For member who recently quit nicotine


For More Information or to Enroll:

To Enroll in Call it Quits or Coaching contact LAMP at (941) 741-2969 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To Enroll in the Tobacco Course contact (941)748-4501 x6412 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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